HaCkErZ-PoSiTiVe is all about Ethical hacking tips & tricks, Computer tricks, How to, also resources to make your ‘Life’ easy. It feature tips, tricks, resources and downloads presented in a simple manner for every computer user. How-to guides has step wise description of process at hand along with relevant screenshot images and video tutorials.

HaCkErZ-PoSiTiVe helps you stay updated with latest Computer Trick, Hacking Tricks, Google Tricks, Technology buzz from giants like Google, Android, Apple and Microsoft. You can Connect with our official  Hackerzpositive on Facebook, Google+ and Youtube. Also, subscribe to latest HaCkErZ-PoSiTiVe update via RSS feed, email subscription and Twitter updates.

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Vinod Patel founder and chief editor of HaCkErZ-PoSiTiVe .

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